Solid-liquid Extraction

10000 mL Bottle Reagent Crew Cap GL45 – Plain
OD 230 mm
Height-420 mm

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Solid liquid extraction unit described for semi-batch operation. This operation involves preferential solubilising of one or more soluble constituents ( solutes ) of the solid mixture by liquid solvent, Cap: 50Ltr Solid Liquid

This operation involves

We manufacture various types of Soxhlet Extractors for laboratory research and education purposes. Each Soxhlet extraction unit delivers safe heating and an unmatched extraction process. Our Soxhlet extractors are available with a choice of heating mantel, hot plate and water bath heating are available as options.

Cat. Ref. Approx. Cap. (Ltr) Flask Size (Ltr) Case Qty Price/Pc
4951/29 2000 5000 1 24500
4951/32 5000 10000 1 52500
4951/35 10000 20000 1 90000


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